Introducing Firebase Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links are deep links that function how you want them to. They can send users to your program if you have it installed, the suitable program store if they don’t, or a fallback page that you specify. Most importantly, these links survive the program store installation process, so your program can retrieve the hyperlink information that initially brought the consumer to your program in the first place, so you can provide them with a tailored first time experience.

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What Is A Link?


When you first begin doing article marketing, you may have some vague idea that you’re doing it to attract visitors to your website, but you’re just not sure how that technically happens.That is perfectly fine–it isn’t necessary that you understand the technical in’s and out’s of how article marketing functions so as to make it work for you.You can submit posts and see excellent results without having the first idea about what a connection is, but at some point your curiosity might make you wonder,”what’s this talk about links? What are they? “I get that question occasionally, so I’ll explain as simply as I can what a connection is and how it works.A link is like a bridge from one web page to another. Exactly like a bridge connects two pieces of land to each other so that people can easily travel to and from every location, thus a link connects two web pages to make it easy for people get from one page to the other.Terms you’ll commonly hear are:*Backlink– a link going to your website. This is the sort of link. *Reciprocal link– a link going from site A to site B, and from site B to site A.From a search engine point of view, how”connected” (linked) your website is to other web pages of related subjects gives a strong indication of how popular or admired your site is. A link to your site is similar to a”vote” for itsearch engines look at the”votes” that your site receives when determining where your site will rank in search engine results.The higher your website appears in the results listings, the more traffic you may receive.So, the end goal is to receive more visitors to your site.The plan is to elevate your search engine rank for you keyword phrases (common words or phrases people within your target market use when looking up information on your topic). The means by which you elevate your search engine rank is by building links to your website.How Can You Build Links?This is where article marketing comes in. Articles are written by you on the subject of your website, then you submit the content along with a resource box. The resource box is where you can tell a little about yourself and provide a link to your website.Every time you submit one of your posts to an article directory, you build a connection (through the link in your resource box).But that isn’t all–article directories provide content for website owners. Articles used in article marketing are also known as”free reprint articles”, and when an article is published on an article directory, ideally blog owners will find the guide and then also republish the content on their own site. Whenever your article is republished, you gain a powerful one-way backlink to your site.Imagine how quickly the backlinks can build–if you submit one article to a single article directory, you’re actually getting more than one backlink (assuming other men and women decide to republish your post ). 1 article can be a continuing source of backlinks.With article marketing the concept is to submit articles every month for the lifetime of your website. Imagine submitting 8 articles every month, with every one of these posts building backlinks that are numerous and continuing to create backlinks every time they are republished. If you’re devoted to marketing your website by submitting articles, you can make a dramatic effect on the visitors to your site over the long term.It’s not enough just to have a website. You will need to market that website to get traffic. Links are essential when building traffic to your site and can be easily assembled with article marketing. Just write articles on your topic and submit them steadily each month (8 posts per site will do). Keep at it, and you’ll produce a link building machine that will cause your site to continuously grow and receive more visitors. ————————

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Steve Shaw is an article marketing expert and creator of the popular
Article distribution service used by
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Marketing to reach thousands of potential prospects –
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A Successful Link Exchange

The practice of effective link exchanges has nearly been extinguished by the extensive amount of spam email. I plan to help webmasters that are interested in real effective and professional link exchanges reach there goal.

What is going to make you the maximum amount of sales if you’re trying to sell fishing gear? A link from an outdoor hobby site or a link from a bubble gum corporation? I believe the answer is simple, the hobby website. The trick is to know your market and understand your client. What age group would your customers be, and what type of site would they look at if they were interested in your product?

Now, put yourself in your client’s feet, what would you search for if you were interested in your product? Type that search term into a search engine and look at what results come up. Disregard the contest and look at the websites.

I suggest you rate these websites in your head on these criteria: relevance, design, content, and navigation. I ordered them by how profoundly they should be considered by you. Relevancy was discussed by me; because of course you want to bring customers to your website instead of click-happy men and women.

You may be asking yourself what a site’s design has to do with a link exchange. Well over the years I have noticed one trend, which is that websites with a wonderful design tend to prevail faster than others. Know one wants to visit with a website and have to wince to read the text. Content on the other hand is what attracts the readers. Content can substantially improve the quality of your website because the internet is about information and if you have what people are looking for they’ll find you!

Content is king, how many times has that been said? And it still holds true, content is what get websites links back to them, which in turn raise a presence online. Why not have a link in opposition?

And of course a websites navigation must be search engine friendly, because you may prefer to have the location of your link to be indexed by search engines.

Basically you should try to pick your link partners by first eliminating the irrelevant links, and then choose a site that is search engine friendly and has the potential to grow! And remember look for quality websites not high PR websites.

One of the first signs of maturity in a person’s life is to have the ability to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. You don’t leave insurance information and hit a car in the parking lot, you feel bad if this was your car that got hit you’d be angry about 38, because you know. Get the point? Good apply that to writing emails; place yourself in your reader’s shoes.

Do you wish to open another email that’s titled”link exchange” or would you prefer to read something a bit more refreshing and alluring entitled”our partnership” or”link chance” be creative but don’t stick with the old link exchange title that’s highly overused.

The content of the email, however you entitled it should be very professional and businesslike. Use proper punctuation and complete sentencesremember to compliment a part of there website that’s distinguishable so that they identify that you actually visited it instead of simply finding there email address in cyberspace.

Don’t trust what mother says”it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” True content does help a website grow, but seldom do I trust a websites content if its design is pitiful. Remember be picky when selecting a link partner, personalize your letterFree Reprint Articles, and be professional. As a final point don’t partake in spam email!

The Write to Link Popularity

Using writing as a means of boosting your link popularity
can be a turnoff for many webmasters, when in fact it may result in
a wealth of links.

I first learnt about link popularity while researching about
many different methods that I could use to market a Geocities
site I had. After emailing countless webmasters and receiving
some dismal results, I realized that it was hopeless to get
people to exchange links with my freebie website. Initially I was skeptical at using this
concept but after trying it for a while, the results started to
show. What was wonderful is that it only cost me some of my time.

With the help of article writing I was able to achieve a
Pagerank of 4 for my Geocities website. The more webmasters that
archived my articles the more links I had pointing to my site. As
a result of my growing link popularity I began to see my site
show up on the first or second page for some relatively
competitive search terms.

Using writing as a marketing tool can save you thousands in
advertising dollars. Imagine a website or ezine that prices
countless advertise in and you have the feature article which
didn’t cost you a dime to produce. It is easy to see which
generates more profit in the long term.

Through the power of the written word you can be able to get free
publicity for your business. Supplying quality and profitable and
sometimes inspiring information can help you to achieve that

Developing your own writing style is important. As there are lots of
others doing the exact same thing you what to differ from them. How can
you stick out in a crowd if you are just like everyone else.

Practicing and researching helped me to put pen to paper for my
first articles. Some of your first creations maybe a bit tacky
however as long as you keep going you can improve.

Writing can be a task at times. There are moments when I’ve
composed the first two paragraphs and just get stuck. The
inevitable writer’s block can be a challenge to overcome. Taking
a break and getting into the right frame of mind can be helpful. Well the answer is dependent upon how much
effort that you put into it. I have had some terrific experiences
since I became a writer. Sometimes when there are criticisms and
negative feedback, they can help you to better your skills if you
use them the perfect way.

Many people don’t like writing. But sometimes it is the things
that we don’t enjoy doing that are most beneficial to us. Attempt
your hand at composing Psychology Articles, if a guy from a Caribbean island can do it
then so can you.

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Auto-Pilot Link Building Strategy for Content-Sites

OKthis is what I consider a very effective method to get
people to link to you without you having to ask them to perform
so. The best part is that, people will link to you for your
most targeted keyword.

That I happen to discover this method after seeing the results
that I get on one of my site. I don’t have any particular
reason for doing it that way on my site, but it seems to
work like magic.

Sometimes, I search for people who are linking to me by
looking at my referrers. You can also do that by checking
your website data.

Sometimes, I do a link popularity check at

And to my surprise, I realized that when I visited those
websites, they are linking to me with my most targeted

My Keyword

That is how people are linking to me. And the result, I am
ranked number 1 from 2 million websites on Yahoo and MSN.
And this is for a keyword which has about 2000 searches per

But how do you go about doing this?

You’re about to know the little-known-secret-steps to
becoming more link partners with your most targeted keyword.

But before I go into that, I just want to make some
statements concerning this method.

Some people may prefer this method and some might not. I don’t know if this will suit
nicely for business or company websites. These days, I
have only used them for content-sites promoting affiliate
programs and Adsense, which is I think is most appropriate.

If you’re considering building a passive income with
Adsense and affiliate programs, then you should read this.

First, you ought to do a keyword analysis.


After having your list of keywords, you can compare that to
the amount of competitions that you with on Google.

By comparing the numbers, you know which is easier to
optimize for. And you might also try checking the popular
keywords at Search Guild Search Term Difficult Checker.


Another tool which you can use is


Don’t get trapped into the analysis-paralysis zone. Just
follow the indicators and search for the most popular and the
easiest keyword which you could rank for.

I know that you want to rank for more than 1 keyword, but
just follow me on this and select one keyword which has high
in traffic and easy to optimize for.

Now, here is the secret number one. You’re going to title
your site with that keyword. If your very best keyword is
“Growing Orchids”, then that is will be your website’s
name. Get a domain which has that keyword
in it. If you can’t get”” or”growing-”, you can try the dot-net (.net). And if you
still can’t get the dot-net, you can add some numbers in
front of the key words like”1-growing-orhids. com”. You ought to
be able to find either one of those.

Here’s secret number three. In each page of you site,
use the keyword in your

Linkin Park – Rolling In The Deep (iTunes Festival 2011) HD

iTunes Festival
4th July 2011
European Tour

01. The Requiem
02. Papercut
03. Lying From You
04. Given Up
05. What I’ve Done
06. When They Come For Me Spaces /
07. No More Sorrow
08. Jornada Del Muerto
10. Burning In The Skies
11. Numb
12. The Radiance (Live version)
13. Breaking The Habit
14. Fallout
15. The Catalyst
16. Crawling
17. Faint
18. One Step Closer
20. Wisdom, Justice, And Enjoy
21. Iridescent
22. New Divide
23. In The End
24. Bleed It Out

For more information check out the official Live Guide on

Your Easy Guide On Getting Rid of Deep Eye Wrinkles


We all want to look youthful and our best all the time. But, the aging process is inevitable and aging skin problems like deep eye wrinkles and deep forehead wrinkles are faced by us. Some organic substances have proven themselves very effective in eliminating deep eye wrinkles naturally.You would be surprised to know that these natural substances are still relatively unheard of in the western world, though they are available now and I am using them myself.Natural Compounds for eliminating Deep Eye WrinklesLet us look at a few of these ingredients. They have proven effective in eliminating deep forehead wrinkles and deep eye wrinkles. In fact they are equally effective even if applied on other parts of the skin.One of these organic substances is Cynergy TK. It is sourced and derived from New Zealand. New Zealand is, as you know. Cynergy TK has a very high content of functional Keratin. Keratin is the form of protein that is also found in our body and plays an integral role. The company Kreatec was able to find a breakthrough process of converting keratin into a form that was functional and it has been made absorbable by our skin. This makes it very effective in eliminating deep eye wrinkles and also deep forehead wrinkles.Clinical studies have proven these marvellous results by using Cynergy TK-1) Increased Collagen and Elastin Production. Collagen and elastin are the 2 proteins in our body that play a role in the skin health. As we age, They’re produced in lesser amounts. Their deficiency contributes to loss of pliancy firmness, tone, texture and complexion. It comes from Europe and is an expensive ingredient used in the best products for skin around the eyes.Eyeliss TM has demonstrated impressive results in clinical trials and has proved very effective in reducing deep eye wrinkles and a significant reduction of under eye bags and deep forehead wrinkles in just a month.I have covered a lot of my research on these ingredients at my site. This knowledge could give you insights on how best to get rid of deep eye wrinkles .

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Vijay Raisinghani is passionate advocate and a long time user of skin care. Visit his Website now to discover cutting  edge, anti-aging skin care products he recommends  after extensive research:

Internet Marketing Tools & Tips for free

This article will show you the importance of link popularity and how to increase your
link popularity utilizing a few different techniques.

Link popularity only is the number of links that point to a webpage
and is a crucial factor
used by just about all of the search engines to rank websites.

With the every increasingly popularity of Google, web site owners
marketing efforts have had to change to accommodate what Google is
searching for in a quality website. One way to show that you have a
quality website has been with link popularity. Very good quality
incoming links
coupled with great quality page content will bring highly targeted
visitors, and a lot of it. Bear in mind that quality is key.
The expression less is more actually applies here. Just because your
site has five hundred incoming links does not signify that they’re all
relevant. Make certain that the links you are getting are related to
the content that your page is offering.

2. Cross Linking:
Or you may hear it referred to as internal linking. Make sure you cross link your important related pages. This
technique tells the search engines that these are the important
pages within your site therefore they will increase in ranking.
Cross linking your pages also helps the search engines find and index
your most important pages quicker, especially when you have hundreds of
pages and a number of them are four and five levels deep. Internal
linking is a great way to increase the amount of keywords in your visual
text links.

3. Publish articles: Write up some informative articles your
audience is interested in, then submit these articles to online
books in your industry. Provide a brief bio including
your web sites URL and make a condition that the guide has to be
published intact with your bio. Over a short time period you
should gather some quality links.

4. Request Links:
Open up an Excel spreadsheet and list each of the possible linking
partners that you have gathered.
Now that you have a list of potential link partners place a link on your
website to their website and then email every site owner telling them that
you’ve linked to them and respectfully ask them to link back to you in return. You would be surprised by the amount of response
you get. Make it as easy as possible for the other site to link to
you. I have found a that actually supplying a form so the website owner
can simply copy and paste your link code into their website makes linking to
you really straightforward. This can save a lot email-tag for the both of

There are basically two important factors in increasing your
webpage’s link popularity. Studies have demonstrated that the quality of
the connection is at least as important as the number of incoming links to your

1. Quality of connection – Link popularity will skyrocket
when popular sites link you like Yahoo and the Open Directory Project
(ODP). These sites are considered authoritive sites and get a
high amount of traffic. Additionally, you should focus on getting
links from major search engines like Google, MSN, and also sites that
relate to your sites theme/content. Most search engines will see
your site in a higher light when you have a incoming connection from a
major search engine, thus greatly increasing search engine visitors.

Try to locate websites that link to your competitors. This does a
few things for you. First and utmost you understand that links to
your competitors will be relevant and on topic. Additionally, this will
greatly decrease the amount of time you have to invest in locating incoming
Locating sites that link to your competitors is actually quit easy.
Try typing”connection” and then the competitors domain name like this:


Another technique in locating quality links is by finding sites offering
site submissions. Go to Google and type in:


Another very important element is the keyword used to link to your website.
When asking a website owner to link to your website make sure that you inquire
them to link with the keyword that you are optimizing that page to get. Keywords are very important in determining the relevancy of your webpage so
ensure that they are sprinkled throughout them as well.

Nearly 25 percent of the #1 web pages on Google result pages used the queried keyword in link texts.

Deep Links Demo

Deep Links Demo

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