An Introduction to Branch Deep Linking – Webinar

Want to learn more about deep linking and what Branch can do to help your app grow?

Branch Co-Founder Mike Molinet walks us through a comprehensive introduction of Branch’s suite of deep linking tools. What are deep links? How can deep linking work? What can I do with Branch?

Mike first covers the basicsof deep linking–what it means and how Branch does it. Then he illustrates how a number of our partners are using deep links to improve their mobile app. These examples will include wise banners, text-me-the-app pages, email marketing links, referral programs, Deepviews, and much more.

Branch Metrics is a portable deep linking SDK which allows you to build sharing and referral programs, personalized welcomes, text-me-the-app banners, and much more. Take a look at to learn more or to find a Mobile Growth event near you.

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