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When you first begin doing article marketing, you may have some vague idea that you’re doing it to attract visitors to your website, but you’re just not sure how that technically happens.That is perfectly fine–it isn’t necessary that you understand the technical in’s and out’s of how article marketing functions so as to make it work for you.You can submit posts and see excellent results without having the first idea about what a connection is, but at some point your curiosity might make you wonder,”what’s this talk about links? What are they? “I get that question occasionally, so I’ll explain as simply as I can what a connection is and how it works.A link is like a bridge from one web page to another. Exactly like a bridge connects two pieces of land to each other so that people can easily travel to and from every location, thus a link connects two web pages to make it easy for people get from one page to the other.Terms you’ll commonly hear are:*Backlink– a link going to your website. This is the sort of link. *Reciprocal link– a link going from site A to site B, and from site B to site A.From a search engine point of view, how”connected” (linked) your website is to other web pages of related subjects gives a strong indication of how popular or admired your site is. A link to your site is similar to a”vote” for itsearch engines look at the”votes” that your site receives when determining where your site will rank in search engine results.The higher your website appears in the results listings, the more traffic you may receive.So, the end goal is to receive more visitors to your site.The plan is to elevate your search engine rank for you keyword phrases (common words or phrases people within your target market use when looking up information on your topic). The means by which you elevate your search engine rank is by building links to your website.How Can You Build Links?This is where article marketing comes in. Articles are written by you on the subject of your website, then you submit the content along with a resource box. The resource box is where you can tell a little about yourself and provide a link to your website.Every time you submit one of your posts to an article directory, you build a connection (through the link in your resource box).But that isn’t all–article directories provide content for website owners. Articles used in article marketing are also known as”free reprint articles”, and when an article is published on an article directory, ideally blog owners will find the guide and then also republish the content on their own site. Whenever your article is republished, you gain a powerful one-way backlink to your site.Imagine how quickly the backlinks can build–if you submit one article to a single article directory, you’re actually getting more than one backlink (assuming other men and women decide to republish your post ). 1 article can be a continuing source of backlinks.With article marketing the concept is to submit articles every month for the lifetime of your website. Imagine submitting 8 articles every month, with every one of these posts building backlinks that are numerous and continuing to create backlinks every time they are republished. If you’re devoted to marketing your website by submitting articles, you can make a dramatic effect on the visitors to your site over the long term.It’s not enough just to have a website. You will need to market that website to get traffic. Links are essential when building traffic to your site and can be easily assembled with article marketing. Just write articles on your topic and submit them steadily each month (8 posts per site will do). Keep at it, and you’ll produce a link building machine that will cause your site to continuously grow and receive more visitors. ————————

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